Rails  (À la carte)
Rails  (À la carte)

Rails (À la carte)

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So you think you've got yourself covered on the panels and just want a set of our rails to help you with your build? 

You're covered. We've got rails for your install covered from as low as you want up to about 44" off the floor with four different bends to accommodate the changing angle of the van.  Want to install between the various heights - no problem - you'll only be a degree or so off and once you tighten your panels on the rails you'll be fine. 

Medium, Low and Basement rails have a laser cut out to deal with the wall bulge by the slider door opening for the 70" rails. 

For most 170 builds we recommend the 95" rails and you just cut them down to size. We went with 95" because all the shippers added a huge surcharge a few years back for anything with a dimension over 96". (Yes, you can do a fine platform with 70" rails in 170 but all but the high kits have cutouts for the slider door bulge).

For 170 builds where you want either a huge platform or the versatility of moving your bed for and aft we offer the 106" rails.  But lookout for a gnarly shipping cost.