Install Link


Sorry, OverlandSprinters doesn't offer detailed installation instructions. There are too many variables – and too many lawyers.  But check out these links  - there is lots of information here.   You can also shoot me an email with specific questions – I’ll do my best to help you out.


Here is a great new one from Mr. Makai

Dieselfumes has a bunch of great info on converting a your Sprinter into a great camper van and also a wonderful detail of the install of our platform.  Check out all the goodies


Willowdalesprinter over on the sprinter-source started a nice treat on his kit


Our friend Wes has a Flarespace Sprinter - here are some images of his kit        they-fit?is_related_post=1  



The Car Stereo Guys ( is one of our partners in Santa Barbara that installs our beds - they also do Killer tint, stereo and just about any electronic work.


Cwar over on the sprinter-source has some wonderful images of his install!  Yeah, I know some folks don't like photobucket - but here are the links​​